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finivity is a consultancy firm for the investment industry. We develop creative new approaches to establish and manage investment products and services. As specialists in the world of alternative asset management, we support in the fields of private equity, private debt, real estate, hedge funds and commodities. We offer a pre-defined product range to our clients as well as providing individual advise on specific issues.


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finivity offers services that help clients to select and implement solutions across the alternative investment industry. Our experienced team has a seasoned insight into the market, but allows for a fresh view on known issues at the same time. Asset managers daily face complicated tasks and topics. finivity will help to find a creative solution.


The service segment finance covers all aspects of the day to day operations of an alternative asset manager. finivity offers specialized services for GPs as well as LPs. In addition a broad range of industry services are provided. These offers include restructuring, fund formation, optimization and industry insights.  


Innovation is a core focus of finivity. We strongly believe that the integration of technology will be the key driver in the industry in the decades to come. finivity wants to be at the forefront of this development. We are offering a wide range of services to bring the industry into the 21st century. 


finivity understands itself as a problem solver. We want to drive the industry forward by finding creative solutions. Our aim is to be a partner for asset managers, that are already planning the steps for the day after tomorrow. We would like to be a vital force in bringing ideas forward, to change the industry for the better. 


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